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Welcome to my contact page

I am a certified Life Coach through the Soul Studies Institute a 501(c)3 educational organization founded by James and Wendyne Limber in Stuart Florida.  The teaching is a transpersonal program with the Imagination Process.  My internship included individual and group therapies which incorporated helping the client

- discover/transform wounds from the past,

- access inner wisdom and inspiration

- discover core beliefs that create the future

- raise consciousness and heal the brain,

- assist in changing habits that sabotage

- share insights

- validate feelings, 

- and give unconditional support

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Make an appointment 

Initial Consult:

90 minutes $120. 

If you are interested in working on and healing yourself through transpersonal coaching; working with the mind, body, and soul lets sit and discuss my process and your goals. 


text/Phone: 585-313-6668

50 minute session  $90.

pay via:

Venmo: google pay:  Zelle: applepay; cashapp: square:


Elizabeth Papp-Stinson

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