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“This book stimulated my emotions and engaged me on a journey of laughter, tears, and triggered memories.  Excellent read, couldn’t put it down!”

- Terri Foley

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“My childhood getting Over it “, By Elizabeth Papp Stinson is written with raw honesty and without blame.  It is full of love and compassion throughout the entire book. Each story is genuine and authentic as well as giving the reader an opportunity to look deeper within themselves to continue to heal their own childhood or to open the door to begin healing.”

– Sandy Bailey


“I’ll carry your thoughts and wisdom with me the rest of my life. I Love this book!”

- Raffaella Hayes


“To my forever friend, as I read your story it made me reflect on my own childhood.  We all have a story (Happy or Sad). God gives us the ability to pray through, think through, and gives us options in all situations.  Your story will help us all to cope and deal with our situation to come out healing.   Remember the Bible says: I Chronicle 28:20 “Be strong and courageous, and act; do not fear nor be dismayed, for the Lord God, my God, is with you.  He will not fail you nor forsake you until all the work for the service of the house of the Lord is finished.”

- Ethel King

“I was able to read it in record time because it kept my interest! You Chose the path to do better.”

– Colleen Demonte.

“An eye-opener for the reader, harboring incidents, actions, or circumstances from childhood that surface during adulthood.  Elizabeth confronts memories stores in her conscious/subconscious clinging to her for years.  Very inspiring as she reflects on the story at the end of each chapter.  She challenges the reader to release those childhood memories that keep one from healing and being the best, she/he can be.  This truly is a journey of survival and moving forward.”

- Christine Y. Weathers


“Elizabeth Papp Stinson leads us through her childhood with an account that is honest, clear, and totally disarming. The power of her story is made even more dramatic and profound because she tells her story without judgment or adult commentary. She describes the events with authenticity and excitement of a child, I found myself completely involved with her story. Her poetry is a window into her inner healing self. In her commentary at the end of each chapter, she shares aspects of her journey to become the person she was intended to be. This three-tier approach presents a simple path through traumas, pain, and judgments, that, I believe, will open the door for others to encounter and grow from their own wounded childhood.”

- Graham W. Bailey


“Your story is powerful.  I hope many, many people get a chance to read it.  No matter what a person’s life experiences, there is so much in this story that can help heal the soul.”

- Al Ritz

“I’ll never forget the note you wrote to me in your sympathy card after my mother passed away.  I still have it.  It hit home as if you somehow knew exactly what I was feeling at that moment.  After reading this manuscript I understand it is your gift... A wonderful gift…. To reach out to others through your writing and the person you are.  Thank you for sharing it with me.”

- Debbie Ritz

Children Playing in Field

The writer, Elizabeth Papp-Stinson, gives a very vivid and descriptive insight or her memories. One would think the hardship of growing up was painful, but the love and laughter were evident in her life experience. Each chapter brings something new… so you must keep reading. You become captive and can almost feel her abuse, pain, suffering, and joy she experienced from childhood to adulthood. The book is very well titled, My Childhood: Getting Over it – Healing. Writing this book was HER THERAPY.

- Harriet Brown

“I see Elizabeth’s soul shining brightly as I read her life’s journey.  The courage it takes in sharing this beautiful expression of her life.  How Elizabeth uses her wonderful teaching and healing abilities to guide you on you healing journey, what a gift Elizabeth is to me and the world.  I am honored to call her my friend and colleague.  Shine on Elizabeth”

- Heartsong

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