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What You’ll Find in This Book


My Childhood: Getting Over It — "Healing into the Person You Were Intended to Be" is a collection of my childhood stories.  How I grew up in a large, first-generation American household. One of ten children, I was raised by an alcoholic father and a mother who suffered from depression and had no family support. My stories include stealing food to having my arm dislocated when my father tossed me across the room to fending off the sexual advances from my pastor.  This book describes how the as a child I learned to be brave and resilient, I saw and felt the world around me — and how I coped.


Amazingly, I was able to get over my childhood and redefine my life through much work and healing. In this book, I am able to take each of these stories and express what my takeaway from each is and how you, too, can transform your own stories by feeling, releasing, and healing the pain. It is a journey into finding my  authentic self and liberating my past by acknowledging how my stories bought me here to today.


I can now say, “I can now appreciate my history and truly marvel at the experiences the universe gave me. These experiences could not have been replicated or designed to create the person I am today by anything earthly. I am grateful for this rich history and the world I have created to surround myself with and to think there is so much more to come.”


Love, Love, Love.

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