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Interview with Elizabeth

About Elizabeth

I am retired from the United States Postal Service and currently live in Florida. I am reconnecting with the joy of writing and enjoying my grandchildren. I am active in the Soulville Conscious Transformation Community of Healing in Stuart, Florida. I love gardening, traveling, and participating in life. 


I decided to write this book about my childhood after much therapy, healing and I wanted to share with the world the great possibilities of healing from trauma. My story is one of many challenges I faced as a child, how it affected me and what I wanted to give back to the world of my knowledge and the process of healing that is available to everyone


I grew up in Rochester NY and in 2008 I moved to Pensacola FL for eight years and then retired in Port Saint Lucie FL. Once retired I returned in earnest to my love of writing. Through my therapy I began to write about my pain, this writing continued until it morphed into my book “My Childhood; Getting Over it.” I am passionate about teaching people how they too can recover from their individual childhood traumas and pain. 


Throughout my life, I have tried several traditional therapy methods and realized how much faster, deeper, and all-encompassing transpersonal therapy was (a school of psychology that integrates the spiritual and transcendent aspects of the human experience with the framework of modern psychology.) A therapy of getting out of your head and into your heart and body. Once I immersed myself in this therapy, I felt my spiritual self rise, my health got better, and my life and dreams started to become a reality.  Learning about my childhood patterns and roles, my shadow self, and the power of manifesting what I want my life to look like became a way of life. The experience moved me to learn more and become a life coach in order to help heal the world.


I am a Certified Transformation Life Coach from the Soul Studies Institute (SSI). SSI is a 501(c)3 educational organization founded in 2001 by James and Wendyne Limber. It is a transpersonal program of teaching in conjunction with The Imagination Process, to:

  • Discover/transform wounds from the past,

  • Access inner wisdom and inspiration,

  • Discover core beliefs that create the future,

  • Raise consciousness and heal the brain,

  • Assist in changing habits that sabotage, and

  • Share insights, validate feelings and give unconditional support to others.

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