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Chakra Developmental Chart

A beautifully laminated condensed Chakra Chart showing the ages of childhood development and what each chakra needed during

those phase of development. 

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Front Side of Chart

The chart goes into detail for each chakra on;

 * your personality development

 * body associations

 * current emotional state

 * The Right of each of your chakras

 * the astrological sign

 * associated element

 * the meditation sounds

 * the vibrational/ frequency sound.

 * What a balanced chakra should look like

 * The associated sense

 * The age of development

Marble Surface
Marble Surface
chakra chart back.jpeg

Backside of Chart

Describes each chakra’s personality, moods, and feelings when each chakra is imbalanced as well as what a balanced chakra looks like. Also included is the Map of Consciousness by David Hawkins that describes your energy consciousness and if your consciousness is contracting or expanding your consciousness. Both charts have great comparisons with each other. 

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