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Do you really need to Get Over your Childhood

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

As you can tell by my title, my blog is about Getting over my Childhood which was filled with poverty, trauma, and neglect. That is not to say that it was entirely horrible. I also had a wonderful, loving childhood, supported by nine brothers and sisters. So why did I need to get over it. Because trauma lives inside of you until you tap into it, feel it, release it and then heal and move forward from it. This same trauma, influences our daily decisions and how we live our lives through patterns we are not even aware of. Yes, some of these patterns are obvious and others live secretly within us changing our moods when they are triggered, bringing up shame, anger, feelings of being unloved, not enough and “I can’t do that”.

What I want to create with this blog is a safe place to explore, share, ask questions and look into our traumas to see what they mean to us now and how we can let go of that trauma and yes Heal into the person you were meant to be. Let’s question the questions, explore how our thoughts came into being, what these thoughts mean to us now as an adult and how to change these thoughts or rid ourselves of them. We all have those stories of our childhood that have stayed with us throughout our adult lives and haunted us. I want you to know that you too can change and heal that ghost so that it doesn’t keep you awake at night. So that it can become a story in your life one that you can talk about and finally say it is one story in my life, but it doesn’t define my life.

I started my journey into healing my childhood trauma stories through therapy. It took two plus years to complete this journey and the outcome was to write a book titled: “My Childhood; Getting Over It” “Healing into the Person You Were Intended to Be” It is a collection of childhood stories growing up in a large, first-generation American household. One of ten children, I was raised by an alcoholic father and a mother who suffered from depression and had no family support. My stories range from stealing food in order to eat to having my arm dislocated when my father tossed me across the room, it includes me fending off the sexual advances of my pastor. I tried to be as honest and raw as I could be to show the reader how I saw and felt the world around me and how I coped.

Amazingly, I was able to get over my childhood and redefine my life through much work and healing. I was able to take each of these stories and express my takeaway from each in answering three questions:

1. What explanation do I have for the experience?

2. How am I or how did I grow from the experience?

3. What wisdom can I give back to the world from what I learned?

I want you to know that you too can heal and give back to the world by connecting to others with similar experiences and exploring the questions above for each of your stories. I can now say, “I can appreciate my history and truly marvel at the experiences the universe has given me. They could not have been replicated or designed to create the person I am today by anything earthly. I am grateful for this rich history and the world I have created to surround me and to think there is so much more to come.”

Lastly, I want you to begin to think about your childhood to look at it in a new perspective; The pains of your childhood are the clues to your purpose. Begin to explore gently the pains of your childhood, what were they, who bought them to you, when did they start? Take just one incident and begin there. Begin to just look at it, sit with it, sit with your child self and feel what it was she/he was feeling just for that incident. This is where your start your journey.

Love, Love, Love.

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